We are a group of young people who are really passionate about having a say when it comes to the local environment. We are based in the SL6 area of Berkshire and our focus is to support the other local wildlife groups such as WildCookham and WildMaidenhead with projects and education.

The group originated from a lack of representation of young people in the area getting involved in wildlife groups, probably due to the fact that the average age of volunteers in these groups is 30+. We know that there are many young people in the surrounding area who share a passion for environmental protection and education, so we thought that the best way to encourage their involvement would be to create a group aimed at them! 

We are constantly reminded as young people of the threat to our natural world in the form of biodiversity loss and climate change. Living in the Thames Valley belt, we often forget that these threats are happening right in front of our eyes. We want to pick the brains of young, insightful and creative individuals to see if we can bring a fresh approach to environmental protection in the SL6 area. From educational visits to wildlife surveying, we hope to be the voice of future generations so that they are able to live and enjoy this wonderful piece of Berkshire that we are able to experience today.

This group is open to all, with the only priority being a passion for the environment. We would love to see more diversity of thought and experience in our slowly growing group of young individuals, so if you think this is something you would like to get involved in then make sure to follow us on Instagram and get in contact with one of the team for more information.

2021 Goals for WildSL6

In January we had a brainstorm and collated our goals for 2021. These are a combination of personal goals, community goals and what positive impacts we would like to have on the natural world this year. 

Take a look at the image we made to see what WildSL6 hopes to achieve this year!


"Hi, I'm Rosie and I started WildSL6. I work as a gardener and exercise instructor and love to be outside! There is a lot of beauty in the area and a lot of young professionals interested in getting more involved with the local community/natural world so I wanted to provide the means to do so."

Rosie Street, FOUNDER

"Hi, my name is Kym and I'm a musician from Maidenhead. Over the past year I've really opened my eyes to the climate crisis, and have since been trying to find ways that I as an individual can help the planet. I'm excited to be a part of WildSL6 to do more for my local environment."

Kym Charlett, SOCIAL MEDIA

"Hi I'm Adele. I'm a philosophy graduate and I'm currently working for a charity called REEP (the Religions and Environment Educational Programme). My main interest is how the environment intersects with society, especially those who are affected most by environmental issues such as climate change."

Adele Lister, EDUCATION

"Hi my name is Zara and I work in a local school. I have grown up with a love of wildlife, and since having my son 18 months ago I am now even more passionate about learning about and actively helping to preserve our beautiful environment! I especially want to encourage children and young people to find their own love of nature!"


"Hi I'm Charlotte and I currently work as a Drug Safety and Regulatory Trainee for a Pharmacovigilance company. I am really proud to live in this area and want to do my bit to help future generations enjoy it and am really happy to be a part of this group!"

Charlotte Rothwell, FUNDRAISING

"Hi I'm Hattie and I'm just starting college. I enjoy wildlife photography and I'm excited to be more involved with local projects."


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